Get a detailed counselling on Digital Marketing Trainer program

This course, unlike the other courses provided by NS Academy, is a much more comprehensive course since students and professionals are not just given the opportunity to explore and learn the digital and industry based modules by the industry professionals but this course also trains them with job opportunity not only in NS Academy but also various other institutes after they’ve completed their 6 months course. This program guarantees income to whomsoever joining the course. 

What will you learn?

Students and Professionals will learn: Fundamental of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Design, Website Creation, Advance Social Media Marketing, Paid Media - Social Media (Advance Level), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Analytics, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Media Planning, Art of Pitching, Influencers Marketing, Blogging, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Mobile Marketing, E-Commerce & Drop Shipping, and Digital Planning.

What Does The Course Give You

Your Career Roadmap

Get a detailed counselling on Digital Marketing Trainer program


– Introduction & importance of Digital Marketing

– Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

– Core concepts of Digital Marketing

– How to build a Digital Marketing Plan

– Key components of Digital Marketing

– Understanding Content Marketing

– Content on different platforms

– Power of story telling for business

– Generating content ideas

– Building a content strategy

– Making Content Calendars

– Preparing & Re-purposing content buckets

– Tools to check grammar & plagiarism

– Creating attractive social media designs with photoshop

– Importance of visual content in Digital

– Understanding design language

– Using free online tools to create graphics, videos & gifs

– Creative copy writing to make impactful post and ads

– Creation of website from scratch

– Adding various plugins to the website

– Live chat addition on the website

– Understanding website analytics

– Creation of lead funnel on the website

– Understanding various social media platforms

– How to effectively grow fan base on Social Media

– Creating Social Media strategy

– Social Media content amplification

– Creating ads on Facebook, Instagram

– Running highly targeted ads

– Paid campaign optimization

– Objective based ads like

– Lead generation, video views, engagement, app installs and website visits

– Effective ad campaign strategy

– Types of SEO

– How to Perform On Page SEO on your site

– Dejargoning SEO terminologies

– Creating SEO optimized Content for website

– How to develop a link building strategy

– How to perform off page SEO

– Introduction to blackhat SEO

– How to use Blogging as an SEO tools

– How to improve site speed

– Learning about innovative techniques to build inbound links

– How to perform local SEO

– How to perform Video SEO

– How to measure and analyse SEO performance

– Overview of Search Engine Marketing

– Understanding concept of Pay Per click (PPC)

– Introduction to Paid Advertising Services

– How to set up an account on Google Adwords

– Understanding types of Keywords

– Using Google keyword planner tools

– How to set up campaigns on Google Adwords

– How to target right customers with Demographics, interest, location etc

– How to set the right bid on Google Adwords

– How to work with Ad Groups & conduct A/B testing

– Understanding importance of Quality score & how to improve quality score

– Introduction to Web analytics

– How does web analytics help

– Advantages of integrating web analytics

– Introduction to Google Analytics

– Implementation of tracking code

– Reading the google analytics data

– Demystifying Analytics terminology

– Implement, configure and use Google Analytics

– How to use Google Analytics to improve your website

– Setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

– How to set up goals and funnels on Google Analytics

– Using key tools and diagnostics based on different website objectives

– How to make reports using Google analytics

– Run effective email marketing campaigns

– Working with tools like mailchimp & send in blue

– Create impactful email templates

– How to set up a campaign for email marketing

– Configure drip marketing

– Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

– How to become an affiliate for a product

– How to set up affiliate marketing campaigns

– Using Webinar, Youtube videos, blogs as a tool to promote affiliate products

– Understanding media planning

– Media Planning terms – CPC, CTR, CPS etc

– Search based media planning

– Creating a robust media plan

– Media budgeting

– Pitching essentials

– Best practices of pitching

– Client negotiation

– Creation of full fledged client pitch

– How to engage with influencers

– Engage, negotiate and implementation of influencer

– Strategically create influencer marketing campaign

– How to create an influencer progress report marketing campaign

– Overview on blogging industry

– How to make a blog section on a website

– How to design a blog using custom themes

– Analyse the impactfulness of headline using tools

– Check blog content plagiarism

– How to monetise your blog

– How to optimize your blog

– Core understanding of ORM

– Digital crisis management

– Hands-on experience on ORM tools

– Best ORM case studies

– Making of an ORM report

– Introduction & importance of mobile marketing

– Mobile app marketing

– App review marketing and management

– Mobile web advertising

– App store optimization

– Creating app engagement

– Mobile marketing trends & case studies

– Whats App marketing

– Set-up your store on eCom platforms

– How to start selling on Amazon & Flipkart

– Optimize your products on eCom website

– Understand the fundamentals of drop shipping

– How to start the drop shipping business

– Create a digital marketing road-map for your company, startup & self

– Make digital audit and SWOT analysis

– Creation of a professional digital pitch for a client

– Showcasing of some of the best digital marketing pitches by world’s best agencies

Get a detailed counselling on Digital Marketing Trainer program