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Our Freelance Journey

2009: Two of us (Hitesh and Neil) started our freelance journey, idea was to tap small and medium businesses and pitch them Social Media Marketing 

2010: We got our first freelance client, a fashion store in Mumbai that paid us ₹15,000 per month for Digital Marketing Freelancing 

2011: Fashion become our niche, we got 5 fashion freelancing clients and our total income went to ₹85,000 per month

2014: We got an agency from Dubai that outsourced their work to us and we gave us 4 clients with a much higher monthly retainer. We started making ₹2,25,000 per month

2016: We transformed from freelancers to an agency handing over 22 clients across vertical and North Storm was born.

2020: Onboard one new client every 2 months, and also diversified into teaching and help others progress in freelance career.

Freelancing Clients We Worked With

Who should attend Instagram Masterclass

Entrepreneur: Your product/service will high visibility on Instagram when done correctly, this course will help you to get most wanted organic reach.

Freelancers & consultants: Surprise your clients with organic Instagram growth, Instagram can potentially grow your clients digital sales by 57%

Artists: Are you a chef, wedding planner, designer, real estate agent, professor or anything else learn how to use Instagram creatively to get maximum brand awareness and sales.

Students: Millennials treat Instagram as perfect platform to show talent, create a Instagram resume or portfolio.

Professionals: Use Instagram to create a personal brand for yourself or your next big startup idea.

5 Days of Ultimate Learning

Day 1: Instagram Principles

Day 2: Whitehat Hacks

Day 3: Instagram Content 101

Day 4: Instagram Trends

Day 5: Secret Session

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What students say?

I went from 147 followers to 3,870 in matter of 45 days all organic! The course has been a blessing for me. Neil is a great tutor and makes it crystal clear on how to reach our Instagram goals!
Rajeshree Shah
It was an awesome experience to know about digital marketing. I would like to thank North Storm Academy for providing us such good content about affiliate marketing. Really loved these session.
Steffie Rodrigues
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Most frequent questions and answers

There are a total of 5 lectures, each lecture is between 25 to 40 minutes.

Everyday these lectures are uploaded in our secure eSchool. You can watch it anytime you want.

Yes! The course has been designed to help you grow organically on Instagram but do not expect any rocket science. This course will help you grow organically. Remember we are looking for relevant followers and not random followers.