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Frequently Asked Questions

No you won’t get , you need to take a screenshot or print it directly from mail
Yes, the certificate is embedded in your email, there will be no attachment for certificate. Just take a screenshot or print and keep it with you
There will be an option called display images, click on they and certificate will be displayed on the body copy itself. Or open your email on Chrom Browser you will find your certificate on email body copy

We are sorry, we took the name as per when you filled the form. Which is why we wont be in a position to change your name now. However, just fill the form again and you can generate a new certificate

The spelling you write while filling up a form or giving the exam is picked up. So we cant change it unfortunately

Fill the form above and  check your email, you must have received one.

We are sorry to hear that, this only means that while filling up the form or giving the exam you must have kept the name column blank. Due to which you are receiving a blank certificate. You can regenerate it with above link

We are sorry, but we wont be in a position to customise the certificate just for you