In 2020, digital marketing has become one of the most popular, ageless and beneficial courses. People from all professions- businessmen, freelancers, startups alongside the aspiring students take up this progressive course. However, individuals often get themselves enrolled for these courses without any prior knowledge of the same. In fact, at times, it may not even align with their future career prospects. We, therefore, list down 9 important questions every individual must ask before joining any course. 

Does this field align with your professional calling?

The presence of an overlap between the individual’s professional goals and the course being undertaken is a necessity. An accurate assessment of the professional profile with respect to the course’s content brings clarity. This ensures that the efficiency of the individual is at optimum and provides enhanced results.

Are you being taught by Industry Experts?

Reputation of an institute lies solely in the hands of its trained faculty. An individual must get trained in an eminent institute where their level of enthusiasm is duly complemented with the same level of passion, experience and knowledge of right industry experts. This increases their involvement in the given field gigantically.

Are you being provided hands-on training expertise?

An advanced concrete curriculum alone does not help an individual to have an edge over others. It is essential to imbibe the practical skill within individuals with the help of hands-on training expertise provided by world-class faculty. Equally weighing the theory of a subject with its practicality, further helps an individual gain an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Will you be provided with post training job opportunities?

The purpose of acquiring any skill is accomplished when it is practically feasible in the real world. With a comprehensive understanding of the skills learnt, the individual becomes capable of catering to the needs of the digital market segment. The skill set attained gets further nurtured by the post training job opportunities if provided by the institution.

Are they providing you certifications for their courses?

Certification refers to the formal attestation process whereby a certificate is offered to the individual on due completion of the course. It adds a stamp of authenticity to the acquired skills and is a source of value addition to the individual’s CV. Certification inclusive courses attract the HR recruiters and ensure the individual gets an upper hand in the selection process.

What are the reviews of the previous batch?

The digital presence of an institute, expertise of the faculty members and the relevance of the courses offered are best reflected through the experience and feedback of the previous batches.  A quick skim through the review section of the institute allows the individual to arrive at a more balanced and rational decision.

Do they provide demo sessions and course brochures?

Institutes that invest in brochures and free trial sessions are highly preferred by individuals as these activities help in building trust. While the brochures lay out the prominent aspects that a course intends to offer, the demo sessions provide an insight into the quality of learning imparted. Such primary hands-on experience strengthens the decision-making process.

Is it worth the time and money you invest?

With other parameters carefully evaluated, the ultimate factors influencing the final decision are the time and finances involved. It is important to keep in mind the individual’s interest and career advancement goals. The course should also add an edge to the individual’s personality. Finally, the takeaways of the course should be worth the monetary investment.

What are their methods of teaching?

An engaging study environment ensures better grasping of concepts. It can be further complemented if the institute has an equally capable teaching methodology. This might include: focusing on out-of-the-box thinking, using advanced tools and technologies, creating simpler definitions of complex ideas, and encouraging experiential learning.

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