Let's first understand who is a freelancer

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who often works on a contractual basis for companies and organizations. They are not committed to a particular employer for long-term. Companies or “temporary agencies” that hire such professionals resell freelance labour to clients. Freelancers make use of their professional associations or websites for work purpose or can even choose to work independently.

Create a Pitch Deck

A pitch deck provides a quick overview of your business plan. Its purpose is served during face-to-face or online meetings. It is often represented with the help of PowerPoint or other commercial presentation software tools. The power of a pitch deck should not be underestimated as it could easily swing the deal and unlock veiled opportunities. It also helps in convincing potential investors to provide needful funding for your startups.

Connect with the most relevant agency or client

Always approach and connect with the most appropriate agency or client for your freelancing service. This saves time and “time is money”. You do not want to waste your efforts and time trying to sell your services to someone who is not in the need of them. Whatever you sell should be useful, purpose solving or invaluable for them to connect well with you. Recognizing the clients or agencies who want exactly what you sell, shapes long-term goals for your freelancing business and also helps in building long-term relations.

Network on the right type of digital media platform

Connecting and conversing with your potential clients on the right type of platform helps you establish a community of clients in one place. This provides a professional touch to your freelancing service. Bringing about a hassle-free system wherein you can invest your potential without feeling the need to juggle between ineffective, outdated or under-performing platforms. Some of these business-friendly platforms include – LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on.

Create an official Email ID of yourself or your company

Whether it’s a doubt, query or a token of appreciation, your Email ID is undoubtedly the most professional means of enabling your clients and agencies to reach out to you. It is no less than a marketing asset. It gives an account of how you market your name and service to the world. Maintaining a professional Email address for yourself helps you gain a credible image in the business environment. This thereby reduces the risk of being marked as spam.

Draft an impressive, eye-catching Email

Be well-aware of the norms regarding Email etiquette before drafting any professional Email to your potential clients and agencies. The first impression is indeed the last. Your first email would always create a lasting impression on the minds of your clients or agencies. In this email, you are required to educate them about the service/s you provide, for that’s the only way of creating an ideal client. A vague email would not only show a lack of interest from your end but furthermore end the beginning of a beautiful relation.

Help your clients build trust in you

Trust is the key factor which keeps any relation alive, whether personal or professional. Taking professional relations for granted will only lead to deterioration of your reputation as well as the trust you took so long to build. If your work is not promising, even the best client will be less than willing to stick around. Building trust not only takes a great proportion of your time but also requires efficient and time-bound output. Make it worth their while so they keep coming back to you!

Reveal the perks of digital transformation

A large chunk of businesses still run offline, often termed as “traditional businesses”. Often such agencies fear digitalisation because they’ve been well acquainted with the old business practices and techniques. However, the unwrapping of the perks of digital transformation would stimulate the growth of small and medium-sized businesses exponentially. Freelancer’s ability to reach out to such agencies and clients would result in their personal and professional growth. It would also bring attention to the tremendous spur in the overall business growth and its reach.

Give your clients a memorable experience!

As a professional, you would want to put value in your work. Your work is a reflection of you. A happy client is the one who is satisfied with your work. While it can be tough at times to reach them where their expectations lie all at once, you can learn to slowly get there by asking them for correctives or further clarification. Your work is the experience you’re providing them on their journey with you. A good experience means they’ve recognized your skill-set and potential. This will not only make them want to come back to you frequently but also urge them to recommend you for your service to several others or even hire you directly for their company.

Here are some motivational tips :

Be spontaneous, bold & confident

Be bold enough to take the risk, spontaneous enough to execute the planned strategy and be confident enough to switch strategies if they do not work out. If you don’t believe in yourself or don’t feel confident about yourself, how will you convince others? Always let your work speak for you. Think thoroughly, be calculative and rational but don’t fear taking risks. Be open about your terms and conditions and work professionally.

Keep grinding and believing in yourself

Always remember that success is an ongoing process and learning never truly stops. Make the most of every day! Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success. Let it not take over you. Rest but don’t slow down in the process. Keep believing in yourself and acknowledging your achievements but always leave room for improvement and suggestions. That’s how you grow!

Never be afraid of rejections

Fearing rejections can stop anyone from taking risks and getting closer to their goals. When you fear rejections, you unconsciously cancel out an equal probability of getting a “yes” in response. Your fear settles underneath your skin adversely and you can no longer reason out your thoughts. By fearing rejection you’re masking up your skill-set and potential far away from the world’s reach. Only when you decide to overcome this fear, will you be able to unleash your true self to the world which needs you as much as you need it! 

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