There are many courses to pursue after graduation. In this article we’ll talk about them in detail.

Professional Courses

PGDM in Digital Marketing course assists scholars in understanding the ideas and tools which will help companies in digitizing themselves. After completing PGD in Digital Marketing students are able to make their career as a successful Digital Media Marketer.

An MBA from a reputed institute has got tremendous market value today, and it remains among the top-notch career options of more than 40% of graduates in today’s scenario. You can opt for the most desirable specialization in your MBA course: Marketing, HR or Finance.

Numerous students completing graduation are inclined in the direction of PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). Many of the reputed institutes record immediate placement of around 7% PGDM students every year.

PGDM in international business mainly zooms in on the development of specialization in connection to the international business and its relevant characteristics among the students. The course is a 2 years diploma course. 

Unlike the courses mentioned above which are both management courses, this one is a technical course. For applicants completing their graduation in B. Tech or B.E can take up this two-year long course. This is a specialization course in core subjects.

This is a management programme with a duration of 1 year. Though this is an expensive, it is best for students who are looking to complete their management degree in a short span of time. It is a certified course and not a degree.

Event management is becoming a great option to start business venture. With lucrative pay packages too, event management jobs seem to be catching up in popularity today. The duration for this course is 1 year and is a full-time course.

Students from every sort of discipline qualify for this course. This programme begins with elementary cutlery training and then to management/hospitality. Many colleges offer internships for students wanting to gain experience. The period for this course is 1 year.

This course supports you in improving the fundamentals of Computer knowledge as well as Coding Knowledge such as Python and so on. All the course topics are linked to elementary programming and C language. The duration of this course is around 1 Year.

This program provides scholars with the required skills to become a high-yielding team player in a distinctive software development organization. The program is designed to reveal programming skills in Java, Java EE, and software engineering skills.

Short-Term Job Oriented Courses

Digital Marketing has a huge amount of scope for anyone who is interested in marketing their content or product through online platforms. With the advent of online shopping, people no longer feel the need to go out searching for things they need. Only a few clicks away and they can easily get it at their doorsteps!

Many professionals expect Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be the near future. Machine learning and AI will take over as the major game changer. The upcoming AI revolution is being used for advantages in many sectors such as insurance, media, banking, etc.  

There are various apps for phone users for various purposes like food, music, fitness, work, travelling, etc. Millions of apps can be found on cell-phones for practically anything. Getting into this course means that one can create the nest top app of the decade.

Computer applications like Operating System, MS Office, Database Management, Internet Applications, HTML among other subjects are taught in this course. After completing DCA course, one can easily get placements.

This course provides training and development at a large scale and a broad variety of ideas perfect for a profession as a HR consultant. It deals with the problems in change management, employee policy, employment law at a domestic and global level, so on.

PGP-PMP is a meticulous one year programme in public management and policy with absorption in governance and policy system and implementation, financial adjustments, framework development, management of international organizations, so on.

Diploma Courses After Graduation in Commerce

Tally is designed for small-scale industries. Expertise in Tally will surely help commerce graduates to get a job. Even the course fee is low for this course. Topics such as Accounting, Billing, Payroll, Banking Taxation etc will be covered in this course.

For those who don’t want to do PGDM Finance is really a good choice. Commerce students can easily adapt to PGDM finance because of the foundation they had and it will also help them to come into the management stream. It is a 2 years course.

This is not a diploma course. Students gets Post Graduation degree from the same stream. Masters in any respective field will have a great value. One can also manage to get a job as an intern while studying All this will surely enhance one’s career path.

For commerce graduates who want to be a professional in accounting and taxation, this course is the best. This course deals with accounting concepts, payroll policies, SAP modules, financial statements etc.

This certification is offered by NIIT Uniqua in association with Genpact. It is especially for students. Duration of the course is 4 weeks. In this course, they will provide knowledge about business processes and basic finance leading.